I've partnered up with Art Share LA and Angel City Brewery to bring to you an art exhibit like none other!

In a celebration of diversity and artistic collaboration, I'm proud to announce that I'm going to be curating an art exhibit focusing on the traditionally underrepresented voices and perspectives in art, and the new and innovative ways of looking at the world that are presented when those voices work together.  Specifically, I am looking for pieces that were made as a collaboration between one or more artists of different ethnic or cultural backgrounds, with an eye toward mixed media and collage.

This is a showcase of the power and beauty of what can be achieved through artistic collaboration when we set aside our differences and come together to make something great.  

Every medium of art is eligible for inclusion in this gallery, from painting to sculpture to photography to film to music to concepts or contexts not even yet thought of.  Not all pieces will need to be collaborations if you're presenting something truly innovative or unique, but those that are will be given priority consideration for the showcase.

The exhibit will be held at Angel City Brewery in DTLA with an opening night reception on October 26th.   You will have until the end of September to submit your works for consideration, so do not fear if you have yet to collaborate with any other artists, there is still plenty of time!  In fact, any collaboration pieces created explicitly for entry into this gallery will also be given priority consideration.

You do not have to be local to Los Angeles to submit, however it will be the artist's responsibility to arrange for shipment to and from the gallery.  For any questions prior to submitting, please use the Contact Form located on this website.

When you are ready, click the button below to submit!  Good luck to all of you!  I cannot wait to see what you all have in store!


Corey Deshon