Wedding Season

In the magic hour of February 15, 2015, Alexandra Barany and Adam Burnett took each other's hand in marriage after a wonderful Valentine's weekend of love, friendship, family, and beer. Lots of beer.  I was honored to be able to bring analogue photography to their wedding, shooting a wide range of film and Polaroid formats.


But first, a little backstory...

It was January of 2013.  I had recently quit my job, sold my car, packed up my apartment, and moved to the opposite end of the country to begin the New Year in search of a life of fulfillment.  And so began an odyssey that would soon be filled with new inspirations, new opportunities, new friendships, and let’s be honest… a lot of beer. 

It was along this journey that I inevitably crossed paths with Adam Burnett and Alexandra Barany, two of the first people I would get to know in the city of Los Angeles.  Two of the most wonderful, sincere, and kind people I would get to know in the city of Los Angeles. 


I was soon to be invited into their home where I would meet who would become a wonderful group of new friends.  Together we’ve shared countless outings, birthday celebrations, holiday potlucks, Adam’s delicious homebrews, and Alex’s unbelievable baking skills, which by the way make Porto’s Bakery look like an Easy Bake playset.

After two years of such a great friendship, I was honored to be in attendance for the union of Adam and Alex, meet their lovely families, and photograph this wonderful occasion of love, friendship, family, and let’s be honest… a lot of beer.  

The event took place over Valentine's day weekend, spanning a total of four days of fun, culminating with a beautiful ceremony at the Stone Brewery in Liberty Station, San Diego.  Here are some of the highlights of the weekend....

Thursday - The Yacht

Friday - The Brewery Tour

Saturday - The Day Party

Sunday - Wedding Day 

Sunday - The Ceremony

Rainer Maria Rilke once said that a good marriage is that in which each appoints the other guardian of their soul.  If that’s true, then a great marriage is that in which each appoints the other a glass of 2004 Stone Old Guardian.  

Cheers and congratulations Adam and Alex! 


The full photo book of the Barany & Burnett Wedding can be purchased here.