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Film, Photography, and Following My Dreams

Film, Photography, and Following My Dreams

Intergalactic Expedition

It's official, radio is out and the podcast is in!  This apparently being the season of firsts (beginning of course with the RAW Showcase), I recently got invited to participate in my first podcast, cleverly titled Intergalactic Expedition.  Their mission is to provide inspiration for all to follow their passions by featuring people who are living out their dreams.  And believe me, there's nobody living in more of a dream state than me at the moment...


Last night I joined host Vazrik to talk about how I got started in my filmmaking career, the influences behind my photography, and how I knew it was time to take the leap, leave Florida, and come follow my dreams out here in LA.  Check it out below: 

With my only prior experience in podcasts being three seasons of Maron, I'd have to say Vazrik hosts a pretty good show and knows how to make his guests feel comfortable and welcomed.  As someone who hates the sound of his own voice, I have to admit I did very much enjoy listening to this.  


Check it out on Facebook as well and give it a share.  This came with somewhat awkward timing for me as I'd decided to stay away from Facebook for a while, deactivating my profile only two days before recording this.  But there are many people there who I would have otherwise shared this with, not just for the exposure, but for the inspiration.  So I'm asking you all to share this in my absence.  

Somewhere, there's somebody out there who I think could greatly benefit from hearing how someone else was able to make their dreams a reality.  Someone is toiling away the days at work, living check to check, mind full of what if's, just wondering what happened to that dream they had as a child.  If I can inspire at least one person with this podcast to go and get what they want out of life, then it would have all been worth it. 

Follow your dreams people, the time is now.

On Set for "To Police"

On Set for "To Police"

It's Been A Long Time Coming

Two and a half years ago I left everything I knew in Florida to come start a career as a filmmaker in Los Angeles.  "Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week."  I knew I'd be betting against the odds, and the only way that I'd ever be successful here was to be patient.  You've got to play the long game here, and so I did.

Now, after two and a half years of working entry level jobs for next to no money, networking every chance I got, and putting myself and my work out there for others to judge and critique as they saw fit, the time as finally come.  This weekend I made my Los Angeles directorial debut, undertaking an ambitious shoot of my first short film since leaving Florida, To Police.  And what an undertaking it was...

To Police, written and directed by Corey Deshon, coming soon...