Taking the Long Way

On the way back from Vegas I decided to take my time and explore a bit of the scenery with what was quickly becoming my favorite color film stock, Ektar 100.  In was on this drive that I discovered what I hope to one day turn into a type of signature shot of mine, the Portrait Landscape.

"Tranquility" - Somewhere between Vegas and LA, 2014

"Tranquility" - Somewhere between Vegas and LA, 2014

Something about leaving so much room for the sky in a landscape photo really puts our existence here into perspective.  We all like to think we're larger than life, but just look up at the sky next time you need a reminder of exactly what life is.  The effect is humbling to say the least.  And don't you just love that natural blue gradient?  Ektar is an incredible film.

This was a peaceful drive, a nice way to unwind from the crazy birthday weekend at Life is Beautiful and prime myself for getting back into the hustle when I got home.  The year's winding down, and 2015 is starting to look particularly promising...

Damn I love that Ektar blue.